• Fast service

    For windshield replacement, at an average of three hours you get your car. For chip repairs about 30 minutes.

  • Insurance companies

    We work with major insurance companies. Repairing the glasses do not lose the bonus insurance and save on the next bill.

  • Mobile Unit

    We have a mobile unit for urgent service. Call us and we will go immediately to the scene of the accident.

Instant glass service

Talleres Cristal Canarias del Automóvil is a company founded in 1995 in response to the specialization of the vehicle glass sector. Nowadays we give cover for all kinds of vehicles with our network of equipped car workshops which are situated strategically for a better service to our customers.

  • ¿Glass accident? Cristal Canarias repairs and replaces windshields, rear windows and side windows of any brand of vehicle.

    • Availability
    • Quick and clean
    • Reliability and genuine products
    • We handle all of
    • Your security is our priority!
  • Advantage

  • If you are Insurance Agent

    Contact us using this contact form for agents.

  • Insurance Agents

We work with major insurance companies

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